Sunrise runs

I’ve been seriously lacking the motivation to get out and run this past week. It has rained pretty much every hour of every single day this week. I may be exaggerating slightly but not a whole lot. To me, that’s the kind of weather that makes me want to snuggle up under the covers and finish watching every episode of Suits that’s available while eating chocolate slathered in peanut butter (I’m not proud of it..), instead of sucking it up and heading outside for a run.

I also only brought one pair of running shoes with me to Vancouver, so every time they get soaked I pretty much hope for the best that they dry in time for my next run. I love my running shoes, they have carried me through countless miles in all kinds of weather. It’s definitely time to get a new pair as I train for a new marathon, but I’m not quite ready to let these ones go. I also can’t quite afford a new pair just yet 😛

I would also like to add that it may look like I have cankles in the picture above because of my high socks but I totally don’t thank you very much!


Sometimes waking up crazy early to fit in a 10km before work has its perks! I was the only one in sight lucky enough to see this gorgeous sunrise a few days ago. As the sun rose the entire sky lit up and I felt like the colours that were spreading through the sky were also reaching out to me, pushing me forward to run faster and finish strong.

I am still loving my job as a pastry assistant! I really need to work on this self-control thing though. I got to take home a few croissants, fresh from the oven on my last shift. I took three and promptly ate them all in one sitting. I felt horrible about myself afterwards and hopefully won’t be doing that again, ever.


I hope you all had a fantastic week! I am working on adding a running page to this blog, but I’m still planning on sharing as many recipes with you as I can so expect one in a day or two 🙂


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  1. Oh my GOSH. 1) I can’t believe you fit in 10km RUNS before work. I’ve been trying to get up early to fit in 45-minute walks hahaha. So sad. 2) THE CROISSANTS!!! I can totally relate to that feeling of no self-control and then feeling like the WORST after. Too bad we don’t live closer…I would have gladly taken one o’ those off your hands! 🙂 When it comes to freshly baked pastries like that, I think I literally have to get them out of my apartment to keep them from going in my mouth. But don’t beat yourself up! You are a monster runner and I’m sure you need tons of fuel to keep you going!

    • 45-minute walks are still really impressive!! At least you are making the effort and who knows, maybe walking will start to feel slow and you’ll start jogging and then running 😛

      ugh so glad you can relate to the lack of self of control and then horrible bloated food-baby feeling after.. I wish we lived closer/next door/maybe roomies?! just so I can eat all the beautiful and tasty things you make haha


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