From 2013 to 2014, and my first long run of the year


Wow. Where to begin? I really just want to tell you about my awesome 20km run yesterday, but I think I should start my first blog post of 2014 with a quick 2013 recap and maybe some personal goals for 2014.

2013 was such an amazing year for me. I rang in the new year with two girl friends who I think the world of so I was already off to a fantastic start. I fell in love with yoga and running. I ran my first marathon ever. I ran my second marathon ever. I did a solo trip to Costa Rica which was life-changing. I graduated university. I learned how to do a headstand.

I learned that to love others you have to love yourself first. I went on my first blind date ever (and it wasn’t a complete disaster!). I got a job as a pastry assistant at a french patisserie and moved to Vancouver (wait, what?!). I realized how lucky I am to have things that make saying goodbye so hard.


Uh, yeah. So back to the part about moving to the other side of the country..a lot has happened since my last post and I feel like I am only just getting a chance to sit down, breathe, and share this new part of my life with you. About a month ago I packed up my things and headed out west to Vancouver where I was lucky enough to get a job as a pastry assistant at a french patisserie. I’ve only been working there for just under a month now, but I love it so so so much. Getting paid to bake and do what I love, seriously?! And as if things couldn’t get better, my boss who is the owner/head baker is so nice and ridiculously talented and creative. I am so inspired by the beautiful cakes, macarons, pastries, etc that she creates and feel so lucky that I have the opportunity to help create beautiful things. I also am loving being out west so far, I can’t get enough of the mountains!


I’ve never been into new years resolutions after being forced to come up with a list of ten every year in elementary school (mine were always the same: be nice to my sister, clean my room, stop global warming, etc.)  Instead, I like to set goals, so here are a few of mine for 2014:

– eat less chocolate (too late, I’ve already binged on an embarrassing amount and we’re only 6 days in the new year..)
– learn how to do a forearm stand and hand stand (and hold it)
– run a 4:30 marathon and a 4:20 marathon
– blog more!!!!!

These stunning and scenic images were all taken on my cell phone during my 20km run yesterday with a friend. We were planning on doing maybe 8-10km, whatever the distance was around Stanley Park on the gorgeous and famous seawall. The weather was perfect, sunny and clear skies, and we both felt pretty good so we decided to run to Granville Island to get lunch there. We ended up having to loop around the coast to get to Granville Island, so by the time we got there my Garmin read 19.6km.


I should probably tell you that I don’t normally run 20km just for fun, but I am training to run the Around the Bay 30km race in Hamilton this spring so it worked out with my training schedule 🙂 I also don’t normally run with friends, let alone GUY friends who are naturally faster than me, but my friend took it easy on me and let me run at my pace, most likely because otherwise I would have been wheezing the entire time and unable to carry a conversation which would have been pretty boring for him 😛

Naturally once we got to Granville Island we were starving, and we may or may not have inhaled 2 donuts each in record time…oops. I managed to snap a picture of my second donut, it was SO GOOD, the best chocolate donut I have ever had! Although to be fair, I think any donut after 20km would be the best donut ever.


Then we couldn’t help but split a poutine…oops again. I think I run just so I can eat things like chocolate donuts and poutine. Although now that I think about it, I should probably make “eating healthier” a new years goal for 2014.


If you’ve been reading The Little Spork since 2013 (or before!), thank you for staying with me through my sporadic blog posting schedule. I hope to share a ton of great recipes with you this year, along with my adventures in running and life. I have a recipe I’m excited to share with you tomorrow, so until then!


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  1. Girl, I would stick with you through any blogging schedule! I love reading about your run-tastic, bake-tastic life!! Holy crap I just googled 4:30 marathon to find out what the pace per mile would be–omg is that in the 6 min range?? Rhetorical question since I know you think in km but OMG. I’m about to faint just thinking about that. I am so impressed!!! And your headstand!! I think I can do that frog pose in yoga (you know, the one with your knees on your forearms) but that’s about it lol. Maybe my goal should be to do a headstand by 2015. But where to start?

    Also, your pastry internship!!!! I hope you share lots of details from it! I would LOVE to work at a bakery. But I also don’t exercise as much as you and I would probably blow up like a balloon, so it’s probably good that I don’t work at one. So I will have to live vicariously through you!

    • You are the best! Your comments always make me laugh. I’m flattered you think 4:30 is fast because I think it would still put me as a back-of-the-pack finisher 😛 But I’m still hoping I can do it! haha I think I know which pose you’re talking about and if you can do it that is pretty darn impressive because I can hold that for maybe 2 seconds before I fall back down. maybe I should add that to my 2014 goals.. I think it took me a month to do headstand and that was with me trying and failing every night beside my bed (if you practice against your bed it makes for a soft landing when you fall backwards haha). I wish I could teach you in person and maybe you could teach me crow pose!

      Ah I will try to share as many details as I can about life as a pastry assistant! I still can’t believe I get paid to bake. Life is too good. Although I have been eating waay to many croissants and cakes since I started the job so I’m not sure how much my running will keep me in shape!

  2. LIANNA!!!!!! You’re in Vancouver? You’re in my hood, girl! Email me immediately at and we are gonna meet up, pronto. I’m so excited! We can talk ‘n gossip (in real life!) about food ‘n the incredible year you had in 2013.

    • PS. The next time you’re at Lee’s Donuts, try their peanut donut. It’s my favourite. Every time I’m there I get one.

      • ahhh!!!! Nancy I completely forgot this is your city!!!! I’m going to email you right away, we need to make plans asap! And I was so close to getting their peanut donut, but oh man the chocolate donuts were perfection. Next time!

      • Lol, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their donuts! They’re freaking delicious.

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