Race Schedule 2014

I was hesitant at first to share my race results with you because after all, I’m just an average runner, not speedy in the slightest. However I’ve decided to share them with you because maybe you are like me in that running doesn’t come easily to you but you are still determined to give each run your best effort and work hard to improve where you can 🙂

2014 Race Schedule:

January 26 – Chilly Chase Half Marathon
Time: 2:01:28.3
Race Recap: Chilly Chase Half Marathon 2014: Race Recap

March 30 – Around the Bay 30km

May 4 – BMO Vancouver Marathon

August 23 – Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon

(fall marathon – undecided)


2013 Race Schedule:

January 27 – Freeze Your Buns #1 – 5km
Time: 29:46

February 24 – Freeze Your Buns #2 – 5km
Time: 27:22

March 24 – Freeze Your Buns #3 – 5km
Time: 27:20

April 28 – Kingston Limestone Half Marathon
Time: 2:14:44.6
Recap: Limsetone Half Marathon: Race Recap

May 5 – Brockville California Run – 10km
Time: 1:01:10.0

May 26 – Ottawa Marathon
Time: 4:59:04.5
Recap: Ottawa Marathon 2013: Race Recap

October 20 – Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Time: 4:44:56
Recap: (coming soon!)

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