Sweethearts Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing


When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of life being like a box of chocolates, your boyfriend getting in trouble for not booking that restaurant reservation sooner, a dozen red roses, meaningless store-bought cards, and those chalky sweetheart candies that come in pastel colours and are have cheeky quotes stamped onto each one.


I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of conversation heart candies, I’ve always associated the flavour and texture to that of a TUMS antacid tablet so not really something I would enjoy eating mass quantities of. However I have always loved reading each individual one and chuckling at the bolder statements.  Enter these sugar cookies! They resemble the traditional sweethearts but taste so much better.


I actually had a lot of fun making these and picking out what I wanted to write on each one. I’m planning on bringing these in to the hospital tomorrow for my department so I kept my statements on the safe side but you can be as bold or creative as you like. Tell your Valentine how you really feel! 😉


The recipe for the sugar cookies and royal icing, along with a detailed royal icing tutorial can be found here or here if you want a less detailed royal icing tutorial! Have fun and get creative!

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  1. so cute..i would eat them all and not have any to hand out…tee hee…lovely post..sarah

  2. Those turned out perfect! I can’t believe you homemade them! You should open a bakery haha

  3. These look awesome. I can’t even imagine how much time they took! I’ve been wanting to play around with royal icing but haven’t gotten up the courage yet.

  4. These are so cute!! They look really professional. (And I couldn’t agree more about those candies tasting like TUMS! LOL)

  5. They look so cute! I love it!

  6. These are too cute!

  7. Adorable. Can you send a batch to Hong kong?

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