French Toast

So I wasn’t sure if I should post this recipe at first, but I figured that this is a place where I blog about different foods I make, and I just happened to make this for breakfast the past few mornings.

I had a loaf of white bread going stale, so I thought what better way to use it up, then to make french toast 🙂

I know there are many different variations in french toast recipes, but after browsing through several, this is what I came up with. I like this recipe because it’s very quick and delicious, which is perfect for mornings when I’m not quite awake!

French Toast

yields: 2 pieces of french toast


1 egg
1/4 cup yoghurt (I used vanilla, but plain is fine as well)
1/2 tbsp. honey
1/8 tbsp. cinnamon (I just put in a few dashes)
2 pieces of white bread

Vegetable oil (or an oil without flavour)
Fruit and/or Syrup to top, as desired


In a shallow bowl/dish, combine all ingredients and mix well. Heat a medium-sized pan over medium heat, and add enough vegetable oil to the pan to make a thin layer. Place one piece of bread into the dish with the egg mixture, and being careful, coat both sides. Transfer the bread slice to the pan, and heat slowly until the bottom is golden-brown. Flip to brown the other side, and coat your second piece of bread. Once the other side is golden brown, remove from pan, and add the second piece, heating it the same way.  Remove once both sides are golden-brown, and top with syrup and fruit as desired.

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